Glaziers can handle 400kg glass on-site with ease

Quattrolifts USA has released the Nomad and Rotating Head which is a portable glass installation system that assembles in minutes and allows fewer glaziers complete more work with less risk of injury. Gone are the days when 6 to 10 men had to shuffle along carrying glass from a truck onto site.

Operated by two men the Nomad has a lifting capacity of 880 pounds, which can be doubled by using two Nomads. The Nomad can load and unload glass, mirrors and double glazed units onto trucks and barrows. With attachments it can rotate glass up to 15 feet long. The all terrain wheels operate on construction sites with greater ease and bring safety for glaziers, reducing OSHA risks.

The Nomad can be used in a factory/ shop to move glass around from a rack to a cutting table; rotate glass on an edgework machine; and with its subtle adjustments large glazed units can be glazed into side and top pocket channels. The Nomad can be reconfigured in no time to be operated by one person who can safely move IGU’s that are 72 inches wide.

One response from James Bringle who runs Empirehouse in Minnesota, “We have used the Nomad and it worked great! We had a project that required 4 -5 guys to handle some very tall double glazed units, we used the Nomad with 2 men to handle the glass. We then had to rotate the glass because it was upside down on the truck. My 2 guys that used the Nomad were very impressed at how easy they could move and rotate the glass. We will be using it a lot.”