How Does A Glass Vacuum Lifter Work

A glass vacuum lifter is a piece of technology that creates a vacuum suction between the machine and the glass for a bond, allowing for easy maneuverability of glass. This allows workers to safely and efficiently transport glass in multiple industries and fields for all purposes. The main function of these lifters is to optimize work and keep the product and workers safe while doing so. 

When some people think of glass vacuum lifters, their minds instantly jump to hand-operated models. At Quattro Lifts, the amazing range in stock focuses on crane-operated functionality — removing any unnecessary risks commonly associated with hand operation. 

Glass vacuum lifter — how it works

So, how does a glass vacuum lifter work? Whether you’re looking to use a glass lifter in your shop, factory, or even outdoors, you’re always better off using a lifter instead of a glass suction cup that requires hand operation. Using a machine-operated lifer means you just have to align the glass with the provided suction cups, and you’ll be on your way to transferring your important products. 

The vacuum pumps provide a negative pressure that causes the glass to “stick” to the vacuum pad. The lifting capacity is determined by the diameter of the vacuum pad. As long as the material is not porous then many different types of sheet materials can be lifted by vacuum. Even some rough or uneven surface panels can be lifted by a vacuum lifter if the correct type of vacuum pad is selected.

Experience the benefits of a glass vacuum lifter

At the end of the day, a glass vacuum lifter is convenient because it holds a large amount of weight with minimal effort. It’s also quite versatile because it can be used for other surfaces, such as composite panels, steel, granite, marble, plastics, and wood doors. Most vacuum glass lifters are designed to be operated by a single person to maintain safe productivity in the workplace by reducing manual effort and allowing operators to stand at a safer distance from the glass.

The strength of a vacuum lifter makes it suitable for sturdy glass, so it’s best to stick to larger pieces that cannot be carried easily manually. Normally, glass is prone to scratching or severe damage if transported by hand. Vacuum glass lifters take that worry away — their purpose is to eliminate human error and prioritize safety. 

Quattro Lifts — your glass vacuum lift experts

So now that you know more about operating a glass vacuum lifter, how it works and helps streamline your business, you can secure one for your next project! At Quattrolifts, we’re in the business of providing industry-leading Quattrolifts at competitive prices for all industries. Whether you’re looking for a small attachable model or a larger wheel-operated machine that further simplifies your work, we’ve got it all.

Be sure to browse through our helpful instructional videos for more information on our glass vacuum lifters. Get in touch with us if you have any more questions about our products — we look forward to helping you optimize your workload.